Streaming Video - Renderer EX9 Output - to another PC with VVVV


i’d like to stream the output from the renderer (from “PC-A”) to a other PC (PC-B) via LAN (smth. like TCP).
so, the PC-B only shows what the PC-A is generating.

i tried to run the bigfug videostreaming patch videostreaming . I followed the intruction, installed the freeframe plugin and build a patch. After activate the send-input theres no streaming, the port is unused too, while sending. and i dont know where the “my documents”-folder is (for the config-file) - i tried some folders (like “C:\Users<user>\Documents” etc.)
See image: i test this on PC-A (send and receive) - nothing happend.

And the bigfug project-wiki-page is offline, too. And the filenames of the .dll´s are changed since the old vvvv-patch and the newer realease from bigfug…

so somebody can help me, to get running this bigfug-videostreaming,
-or- somebody got another idea, how i can stream the renderer output from PC-A to PC-B?

thank you for your help!

or it is possible to save the renderer output to a video-file, and PC-B loads this Video in a Player, like VLC?

Is it possible to use the S and the R over Network (like TCP)?

the patch with S and R (7.1 kB)

ahhh that would be fine!

IMHO the best solution right now is to grab the output of PC1 with a grabbercard in PC2.

didn’t try the VLCplugin by @ft though, maybe this allows streaming?
i remember @phlegma has been working on something like this?

for small textures you can use
*AsString (EX9.Texture)
*send String via UDP/TCP
*DynamicTexture (String) to reconvert to Texture.
still tricky and often buggy.

Thank you Kalle,
i test this. It works but very laggy.
and the format of the image (resolution) has to be very small.

are there any other methods? like a video-chat oder internet-streaming-movie, cause theres the resolution higher than in my patch, and its faster - why?

the ideo behind the project is simple: PC-A has much power and is rendering all the patches and is sending the picture to PC-B (low machine) with f.ex. a beamer.

some other ideas?

the tcp image patch (4.0 kB)

sure, get intensity if you ok with 1280x720
so far cheapest solutin

avoid using IOBox (String) here in any case!
it tries to render all that data into the gui and eats lots of performance!