Streaming from vvvv to smartphone


I am searching for a possibility to stream a video output from vvvv to a smartphone (windows mobile or android). I found the vlc-Player for streaming saved videos, but do not find any connection between vlc and vvvv.

In advanced it should be possible to stream more than one stream, so that I have virtually many monitors (my smartphones).

Has anyone an idea?

thanks a lot


might be worth checking out something like
or there are quite a few ways to upload your V4 stream, so if you need more pointers just ask.


thanks for reply, these services are quite interesting, but for my understanding they all work only with a webcam/smartphone as a video source for streaming.

My goal is to directly stream the Renderer(EX9) (or another type) Window. I can’t see how this is possible.

Just found VH-Screen-Capture ( and it works, but the whole process than has a lack of performance.

Do I oversee a serious thing?


Like I said there are a few ways to get your video stream online… The hardware version sounds best for you if you are worried about performance. Check the posts below:

hardware related:

software related: