Streaming audio from web


I want to use mp3 file on the web.

But FileStreaming node seems not supports audio file that on the web.

Is it possible to play mp3 file on the web with vvvv?


have you tried with 19.1? can you post a patch with a link to a file that doesn’t work?

asking for more precise details:

Is it possible to play mp3 file on the web with vvvv?

you want to play an mp3 like

on your computer using FileStream (DShow9) ?

or do you want to ‘broadcast’ your mp3 so that anyone in www can listen to the music you are playing on your FileStream (DShow9) ?

Yes Im works with 19.1.

I mean first plan.
Itried you link and it works!

But my project link’s of mp3 cant play with Filestream.
I trying to play mp3 file from LastFm API.

process flow is below.

1.Get Session ID
Access to this link.
&passwordmd5=Yourpassword( you need to convert your password to md5 with Rednoize.

2.Get Playlist
Access to this link ID

3.Get Mp3 Link
find mp3 link in result page.
hxxp …mp3


but LastFM’s mp3 is not working…

please help.

I can listen mp3 file from LastFM API link on the browser.

And I found HTTP node says “invalid”

So It may browser send some data to LastFM