Strange mouse behaviour

hi vvvvolks,

I’m having a new personal laptop, freshly installed with win7 64bit and am working in a dualscreen setup.

when using vvvv since, I’m encountering a GUI bug which is new for me:
when dragging IOBoxes or Pins up and down for changing the values, the values (or the mouse?) either stays at a certain value or ist lagging/jumping to another value (often +/- 1 in a regular IOBox value).
as far as I can tell it seems not to have something to do with the screen borders: if I touch the pin and drag the value up just a little, it already starts jumping. my (not visible) cursor should not be near the top end from the screen.
i’m encountering the same issue when using the touchpad (or a different mouse)

any ideas what to do? I even installed some stupid logitech software already :)


Have this too, seems to be independent of the OS, happens with Win XP and 7. Came to my attention with beta25 / 25.1.

ok I waited too long to bring this up, was not sure about this behaviour… dragging values with right button on IOboxes has become a real pain in beta25, the value gos up or down just for a restricted amount and with a lot of jitter…

i can confirm that i also switched VVVV versions when switching machines. so a beta >25 issue hmm…

same here. beta 25 & 25.1. win7 64 and not just on dual screen…

sory for the delay, i’d like to hear more about this.

i start a clean beta25.1, create an IOBox (Value Advanced) and rightclick in it to scroll its value up and down. i don’t see/feel anything suspicious. what am i doing wrong?

there’ve been changes regarding scrolling ioboxes on multimonitor setups for betas>25.1

if you’re still experiencing similar troubles with betas>25.1 please start a new thread.