Strange color when shared texture from Gamma to Beta

Hi, I’m trying to use Fuse Particles with Nuitrack texture in Gamma and pass the texture to Beta but noticed that there’s a quite a difference between what is seen in SceneWindow(Stride) and Renderer (DX11)
Do I miss something ?

Using Gamma 2021.4.0 preview 0506
Thank you in advance !

readMemory.v4p (11.6 KB)
TestFuseParticles_05b.vl (119.2 KB)

this might be a bit easier with the Spout nodes… but the issue here is that Stride uses linear RGB color space and vvvv beta uses sRGB/gamma color space. so you have to put a LinearToSRgb node before the shared texture to convert the colors…

Alright ! RgbToSRgb doesn’t permit me to connect the output with AsSharedTexture but with LinearToSRgb node it works fine.Thank you @tonfilm !

Oh right, got the node name wrong :) glad you found it!

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