Strange behaviour with NetMQ and S+H

Introducing a S+H Node at the wrong spot in NetMQ enables recieving messages from another topic, allthough the Subscriber should allready filter that out.

As mentioned by tebjan in Chat allready the S+H at the wrong spot only samples the reference, so a change of the output is possible without the S+H node ever getting to know that the output has changed.

Attached you find a simplified patch that shows the results of putting the s+h node to different places on the subscriber side with comments.

testzmq.vl (39.0 KB)

confirmed. there’s something fishy going on. please downgrade to version 0.2.0-alpha of the same pack and see if that works for you. note though, that the patch will have to be build slightly different with the older version. see the help.

tried with 0.3.1 - no problems there
testzmq0.3.1.vl (39.4 KB)

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