Strange behaviour with High res JPEG

hi. I have strange behaviours, affecting rendered GUI with Text EX9, like if there was a leak in memory with following included files.
When those files are converted in JPG and less resolution with IrfanVies, the problem disappear.

They are coming from people working on mac. Its maybe a resolution trouble or a codec problem.
don t know.

up to you, dear sherlock-devvvss ;-)

images making vvvv 023 bugging (11.6 MB)

hey karistouf,

have you tried to have a look at the available gpu memory via memory-(debug-ex9)? maybe the jpg is just to big when it is decompressed from the jpg file… (just a guess)

hi m4d, thanks for the tip.
i will have a look, but its happening also without too much things in memory…

hmmm, so i assume a patch like the attached one runs correctly with these jpgs?

just a simple test patch… (16.4 kB)

its not loading them that gives me trouble, its that they influence and bug all my main patch when they appears in their raw state inside the directory i m using for pictures.

influences takes following aspects:
-some white quad sometimes instead of those big images
-texts rendered in a gui with TEXTEX9 disappearing

the memory node is usefull but doesn t show up any troubles of amount of memory

i think that the original format is making a bug when you are in a complex structure, thing that doesn t appears on a little simple test patch.

i resolved this by resizing them and saving them with irfanviewer, to be sure aout the clean coding of the jpg.

anyway, thanks for your suggestions , m4d ;-)

you are right, the memory debug node only gives a very rough estimatin. actually i remember having a similar issue (white/textureless quads) when i hacked together a sort of picturecloud slideshowviewer for svvvvitcher usage. it loaded about ~100 pictures (depending on size) before it went wonky. i blamed it on vram drain and messy patching from my side back then.

anyway, i was just thinking that maybe splitting the big textures into a grid via gridsplit-(2d) could be worth a try.

other than that i’m out of ideas, i’d say…

wasn’t there also an issue when you have a spread of textures with very different sizings?

yes, i have an array with textures of different sizes, and i m “Node getting slice” inside of it …