Strange behavior of CSV-Reader

Hey everyone,

Im having some trouble getting the CSVvvv-Reader to work properly after relaunching vvvv. I manually have to reconnect all the wires to the pins, as they dont seem to output what a quick mouseover indicates. I can avoid this by resetting the connected nodes, but this doesnt really solve my problem, as I dont want to click through my subpatches everytime I start vvvv. After reading through the comments for that contrib I dont think that Im the only one having that problem (maybe Im still using it wrong however?), but I cant find a usable hint for a solution. Has someone found a workaround for this? Or am I doing something wrong?


this might be a bit outdated. the problem seems to be that the plugin creates the pins only after loading the CSV. this doesn’t make much sense since the file might not be there in the first frame, hence the disconnected pins.

can excel help you?

or direct to XML DOM:

I already thought about using the excel reader, but I might run into problems there, as the number of rows varies for each table I might load. The second one is new to me, however. I think I might give it a try.Thanks for your help, very appreciated!

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