+? strange Add node

When I create a new node of + (Value) in a patch, it becomes an IOBox (String) that looks “+?” without its borders and it doesn’t seem to work fine as an Add node, because it looks strange and its right input doesn’t accept a number.
What’s wrong with my patch?
Or is something wrong with my system environment, not the patch?

Windows XP Pro SP2
vvvv 33beta13.1

I found that the problem that some nodes added to the patch become IOBoxes occurs when I add nodes from the list of nodenames in alphabetical order, not from the list sorted by category.
For example, I can normally add “+” node from “Value” category, but when I add “+ (Value)” by selecting it from the alphabetical list, the node becomes IOBox (String).

anybody else with this problem? i can’t reproduce this here.

i can’t reproduce this with + (Value) but with Template 3x3.fx.

and i thought that i already read about this in the vvvvorums as a known bug. if remember this right oschatz wrote something about “space” contained in the nodename being the reason. may be i’m wrong.

right, Template 3x3.fx is not a valid nodename (containing that space). renamed it it to Template3x3.fx

still i can’t reproduce ampts problem. it might have to do with fonts or language settings?! the menu is using the windows system font “Small Fonts”. do you have that installed? which nationale have you running windows on? can you try on a different machine?