'straight angled' connections


Sometimes I use ctrl-Y to change some connections to the ones with straight angles, because they can make some patches more readable.

Then I move the horizontal part of the connections up and down, I save my whole project, exit, and reopen the project.
The following happens definitely in hidden sub patches: if I want to make some changes to the sub patch, I right-click on the node in the parent patch, but now the horizontal part of all the connections is at its default position again, namely in the middle between the 2 points.

Of course then the readability of my patch is back to zero, and this makes these connections pretty useless (and frustrating).

Sounds familiar to someone?

which version are you using?
with beta23 this shouldn´t happen anymore.
with betas < 23, just press ctrl-y once more after you´ve adjusted the line, then save.

I am using beta 23.

That’s why I am posting it here :)
So it shouldn’t happen, in which case I am the only person experiencing this problem?

straight lines test_main patch_2010.06.13-12.17.56.jpg (4.6 kB)

See my previous post to see what it looks like when I saved the file.

If I reopen it, the horizontal part is set back to the middle…
What happens when someone else reopens this file?

straight lines test_main patch.v4p (1.3 kB)

yeah it not saving the line Y position for me too.

fixed for beta>=24