Storing Spreads structure

Hi all

I’m having info from http node and buffering it into a spread(288 slices)

I might be offline, and i’d like to have that info “stored”

possible solutions:
_external text file: reader (reading 288 different csv)
consumes a lot!
_external text file: read once, and stored in a S+H node, but, how should the text file be written to make the spread “structure” available
_inside the patch? i don’t know the node

any suggestion?

Thanks a lot!

mre or less solved.
I’ll keep a list of txt files, which the reader sets precisely in the desired spread.
seems not smart but works
thx anyway

I would go for this two ways:
-You have your spread in an iobox. Make a new iobox and connect it to former. Values will be transfered. By deleting the connection line, second iobox will keep its values. Even if you save AND close your patch. Reopen your patch and you get your spread values restored in second (independ, because no input connect line) iobox. Now you can use a switch node for choosing loaded data by http or your stored data.
-Second option as you did save it in a txt file. But instead of save every value in a seperate file (it sounds like this) you can take asstring, + string bin (choose comma for intersperse) and save it. If you read it take separate (choose comma for intersperse as well ;) and you got your spread values back.
I use it in combination with semicolon for mark end of a spread and comma for mark values inside a spread. Thus you can save more than one spread (with hundreds of values) in one textfile.

See attached patch for example.

save_read.v4p (8.5 kB)

beautiful structure inside the patch!
thanks for the options.
actually the reader is feeded by a batch of 288 big text files from dir node, and seems working properly, but iobox storage is really neat for “traveling” patch

thanks frank

I have a spread with 500 values I have read by parsing a csv file. like the original poster I now just want the spread of values and to delete the patch that parses the csv.
when I connect a new IOBox (Value Advanced) the values are transfered, but when I delete the link all the values go to “0”
Any ideas to keep these values?

Hi John,
mmh sounds like some mysterious iobox behaviour. Did you make your iobox anew?
Or maybe there are some overseen SliceCountmode (check by using The Inspektor 2nd row). Should be Input like default.
Anyway, my way is to duplicate origin iobox by Crtl+D and connect this copy to first. Deleting connection and it should keep values now.
Oh, there is a known bug in storing string values if these have “#0” or nil inside (Sort of end of line or whatever).
Have you an example patch?

@John I did not understand first in the shout box.

To keep value to have to CTRL + I and in the Slice Count Mode set it to ColsRowsPages