Storing a value


i have a simple change box that is connected to a tcp server output. when i receive a tcp connection (i.e. a stream) the box switches from 0 to 1 just as it should. now i want to store this value 1 for more than one frame. specifically i am sending this value to another node and i don’t want that the value at the other end is reset to unknown after the frame. in the same way i want to deal with the string received by the tcp/ip connection. i am sending uri’s in the stream and want to store them (maybe in a string iobox) for later use. by now, they just pop up for the frame, that the connection is received and are then reset to unknown. how can i store somethin in vvvv?


I guess the “sample and hold” (s+h) node might do the job for you.
You may also check out my “Stack” module for creating stacks of values the old fashioned way.