Store values s+h


is there a easy way what a s+h stores this values by restart the patch.


try this

is there a trick, i try it but isn´t work

  1. set

  2. write

  3. close patch

  4. open patch

  5. read

is this order wrong

mmm, isn’t working here either, tested with beta23

Its working here, but I might have newer versions from sugokuGENKI…

Are you trying the store in file, or store in patch?

For store in file you need to set a filename before you can save and read.
Also, if you’re using store in file, then it’s worth cheking whether it is making the file or not.

I’ve been using store in file on beta22 without any issues, but cat says he’s had some trouble with it (having to reset the filename every time you load the patch)

currently it’s opening the file when the plugin configurates, and closes the file when it quits, and keeps it open inbetween.
It’s probably best to change that so instead it opens/closes the file every file operation (I.e. On read/write)

well then, check your upload. the ‘plugin’ in contributions doesnt even have a filename pin. and a helpfile is missing too.

edit: ok its coming in 2 versions. due to the missing helpfiles its easy to misunderstand its functions. filename pin still missing in action

i resubmitted a newer version of this
maybe there’s less bugs :)

one day i’ll get round to actually submitting to the addonpack!