Store(node) = arraylist?

I try " store" node , but i found a problem that not fixed the first index(0) when i insert a new data that change every time…


I am not sure what your question is.

Perhaps you can post a small example patch to explain your problem a bit better?

@jzzxh can you be more specific and post a little example?

@ Westbam, woei

My problem is :
The mouse click the render and will create a circle, and first circle will disappeared when the second times


v4_note_3.v4p (18.5 kB)

just don’t bang set & insert at the same time.
if you look at your list of generated positions you will see that when inserting the second position, you have 2 equal positions, that’s why you only see one.

the order of the functions to happen is

  • set
  • remove
  • insert

in your case you are first setting the existing slice one to the new position and then inserting that one again.

so, no bug, just implement your desired behaviour different

@ woei

HA~~ It works that i did “insert” only .

Thanks woei.

@ woei

ha, i got it. " insert " only.

thanks…woei ^2