Stopping Writer after number of frames/seconds?

Say I’d like to use the Writer(EX9.Texture NRT) to render exactly 500 frames and then stop rendering.

I tried to do a little <= operation on the Saved Frames or Seconds output pins but I can’t connect it back to the DoSave input.

Any way of solving this?

regarding “…but I can’t connect it back to the DoSave input.” see:
creating feedback loops

otherwise also Counter (Animation) could help you.

Thanks! FrameDelay and some FlipFlop/TogEdge hacking got it running.

The script checks two booleans - one that’s set by the user and one that automatically gets set to 0 after rendering is completed. This way I can stop the render if I want to. Would be nice if my user bool got reset to 0 after render as well, would save me a click resetting it myself :)

good, then for the user-bool use a Bang instead of a Toggle, that more accurately describes what you want to express, ie. “Start rendering now” (and finish whenever you see fit). see?

I generally just use a bang and a “MonoFlop (Animation Framebased)” node if I want to render a specific number of frames.

I’ve had some trouble getting a precise amount of time to directly correlate to a precise number of seconds with dx11, but dx9 seems to be pretty solid as far as that’s concerned.

Or perhaps framecounter can be used in a similar manner

Monoflop worked great for a quick setup, thanks :)