Stop dynamic plugins compilation

would it be possible to implement a commandline option for vvvv.exe to be able to freeze dynamic plugin compilation. at the moment it seems as if vvvv constantly generates new files like this (1982625245.dynamic.3.dll) although i never touched the code and the dynamic plugin never changed.

or even better, only generate these binaries on change/safe or when no binary exist. sounds more efficient to me.

or is there any reason for this behaviour ?

why does this get on my nerves ? i use tortoise svn, and it constantly shows changes in folders where no changes in code happend…and consequently uploads more files than actually needed.

svn ignore on the bin folder is your friend in that case :)

ignore is not my friend because i want at least one version in the repo
and that’s just ignoring the behaviour. i don’t understand why its necessary to constantly generate bins.

Mm tried and don’t have this behaviour at all.

New file is only generated when i recompile plugin, and actually vvvv removes dll files on it’s own when you restart (only keeps the lastest dll version).

If no dll is present then a new one is generated, if a dll is already there no new one is created on start (on beta 25.1)

i’m talking about this

i never touched the code or even openend the code editor.

it compiles a new dll onopen patch. this makes sense if one changes the code outside of vvvv. but for everyone else it makes starting a patch slower, more dynamic plugins -> more compilation on startup -> writing on harddisc while loading -> slower performance -> messy

ok, could be avoided by using ready to go dll’s. but from my perspective it would be easier to have control over wether something compiles in the background or not.

the positive side : it serves as a nice history of startups