Stoopid Simple CatGui, Fresh from the litter tray, for performance restricted patching (99.0 KB)

Here is a untidy turd dropped into my litter box, patched like vvvv, so easy to modify. I had performance issues with elementa in a recent project, where I was using low powered PC’s with no GPU, i5 and lower cpu’s, so expect few bells and whistles, saying that I’ve cached what I can so it should be low cpu usage, and maybe it will suit your needs for a quick and dirty gui.
You can make a datatype and preset the values (not included here) and then set the values via the value pins.
–Any suggestions on how to not need the mouse hooking up to each patch would be lovely-- turns out we have S and R nodes now, so I’ve just updated it to use those instead, don’t forget to create a mouse sender
Plus points, dropdown has a entry max size and a slider to scroll through extra entries, float 2,3,4 sliders with label sufixes for RGB/HSL/XYZ.
A stack y pos out for easy positioning.
Appart from that, its No Frills, but shouldn’t hit for fps too hard, freshly designed for post Brexit/pandemic dystopias using only recycled pc hardware, feel free to add your wurst.