Stereolabs ZED High Definition Stereo Camera for Depth Sensing


does anybody have experience using this camera for depth sensing and perhaps even already used/implemented it in vvvv ?

The Pros compared to a Kinect should be:

  • camera / depth sensing works in daylight condition
  • working distance for depth sensing up to 20m


Did you hear anything about this? it looks very interesting for daylight depth purposes.

No, no reply at all.

I ordered one, should be delivered in appx. 2 weeks.

… we will see … i will report results.

Interesting object
Please report something MsBerger

exiting, can’t wait

ui, cool. i’m curious

vvvvery interesting device!

Hi, i had the chance to try the ZED camera, it’s an interesting one.
Depth quality under 10m is alright, but there is still some noticeable noise more than kinect or asus cam, after 10 meter the noise is to high to make a difference between someone or some noise.
The camera comes with ir filter, so don’t think using it with ir illuminator , the zed won’t see the ir. This is a big limitation when you want to use it for tracking people over an interactive floor because depth algorithm get a bit crazy when dealing with flat moving surface like a screen or a projection, sometimes it work fine sometimes it output some strange depth. Light change is also creating some depth noise.
An infrared version would be much better for tracking … depending on your application it might be a good choice or not.

so it basically shows all the artifacts that are to be expected from reconstructing depth from a dual-lense setup.

btw, seeing that there is quite a lot of interest: there are some samples of the cams output on youtube and some discussion about the depth quality (compared to kinect) on reddit.