Stepper Motor with BasisMata oder Firmata & Arduino


we try to get a uniploar stepper moving on a Arduino Mega and a Motorshield (Laydyada).
If we connect everything and upload a stepper-test directly to the Arduino by using the arduino program everyting works fine. So the connection and the hardware seem to work fine.
Now we want to control the same thing by using vvvv.
The firmata doesnt work, we don´t know why. So we use the Basismata to send the sequence to Pin 3 and 11 (both PVM). We send a sequence like 101010101010…on one pin and the inverted value on the other pin. The LFO switches every 0.02 sec. But we don´t get any result.
Does anyone know where to find more informations about the sequences we have to send and how i can do microstepping etc. ??
Or does anyone have an idea of how to get the firmata working on the Arduino Mega/Uno ?


hi stephan, if you have an arduino ethernet shield, you may check with my artnet receiver sketch

if not, the most important is first to be sure your sketch is working.
For a simple motor, sending a string with a keyword via RS232 node should work simply, if you listen in your sketch the serial input and compare the keyword received.
Be aware that sending a string “010111” is not sending values 0 1 0 1 1 1. See my sketch for conversions ( casting bytes to values and vice versa) ;-)

Hello karistouf,

thank you for the answer. until now i don´t own the ethernet shield but i will test that as well.


here is a work in progress hope it may help

arduino_whitecat_protocol.v4p (67.8 kB)


hello u7angel,
thank you for the firmata beta version. I uploaded the firmata standard to the uno board and opened the “firmata2.2 help” patch in vvvv v27. i don´t see anything red so the modules are recognized.
After switching the com port to 3 and switching the firmata/arduino on i don´t see anything changing in the output report. As well the 2 small leds on the arduino (close to the led13) are not turned on. That means there is no connection, right ? Do you have an idea what i did wrong ?

Thank you very much

And the Firmata Node don´t show me the version of the firmata the board is running on.

you uploaded firmata 2.2 firmware with the arduino IDE ?

you enabled the subpatch ? enable pin…

comport is the right one ?

check if the test program works

if it does, the plugin should works as well. if it doesnt either, you didnt upload the recent/suitable firmata version to your board.

any luck ?

Hi everybody and vvvvorum…
I working with the Arduino ,stepper motors, easydriver4.4 from sparkfun and vvvv,
I am very newby with VVVV but i want to be able to control my motor only drawing or painting trapezoidal acceleration curves which at real time controls the parameters from my arduino routine(program).
i get the comunication between arduino and vvvv with the BasisMata patch

i was looking many video tutorials in order to have idea how could i get this graphic behaviour and at the same time send the values to arduino,

my arduino´s function had

aceleretion time, decceleration time max speed and max steps,…

thank you for your help…