Step indication in simple step sequencer

Hello 2 all!

I’m a beginner in 4v and what I’m trying to do is to create primitive 16 step sequencer for controlling LED’s. The problem is programming of step indicator. The idea is a color spread with 16 slices, every step (provided with index counter) I assign a value to a slice (green for example), next step I assign a value (green) to the next slice, and reset previous slice (black) e t c. So, in that manner, I want to have a moving green square through all 16 position. I can’t figure out how to implement this simple logic with basic vvvv blocks. I’ve tried to use buffer block without success. Any tips to do that? Or other ideas for visualizing sequencer step?

thx in advance.

Like this?

StepSeqIndicator.v4p (8.2 kB)

There are many ways to do this! Another version:

edit: oops, to avoid subtracting one from counter’s maximum (since indexes start at zero) I made it so it didn’t start from the first step, re-uploaded with bugfix

Color Step Sequencer.v4p (5.8 kB)

Perfect! I heart that there is an amazing community around vvvv, now I’m absolutely sure. Thanks a lot for your reply!