Steering wheel

Hi vvvv users,
has someone experience in connecting a usb gaming steering wheel + pedals? it doesnt need to have force feedback. but, do i need to write my own plug in (which im never done and probably not able…)? Or can i simply use one of the existing nodes - which i would prefer?
which product is working out of the box?

thank you!

you can see if your steering wheel is a HID device, if so, you should be able to use it using the HID nodes

regarding HID see protocols#hid

well, thank you for your answers, problem is , i want to buy (nut build) a gaming steering wheel, but it is hard to find informations if the device is a HID device.
is every steering wheel for pc automatically also a HID device? im not sure.

okay, i received my wheel + pedals, and they are indeed HID devices, nice.

problem is, if i paste the ‘report descriptor’ from the HID-Node into the HIDencode-Node no additional output-pins are generated (like promised in the HID-Wiki-Page).

should i create a new forum question on this topic?

has someone an idea what the problem is?

thank you.

Have you tried GameController (Devices Analog)? All of the consumer-grade gaming steering wheels we’ve had in office outputted like some joystick or another.

thank you for your answer, yes i aready tried them, and i received all the analog values (cool!), but i want to send some force feedback values back to the wheel, so i need the HID - device nodes, i guess.

From my experience the descriptor handling in these nodes has been broken for a very long time. At least no HID device I ever tried was working via descriptors.

oh okay, thats a pity. which would be the way to go now? has someone any hints?
is the only solution to write a plug in?

i usually resorted to building a small patch or dynamic plug to wrangle the bytes to my personal preferences. that however completely defeats the original purpose of having hid descriptors in the first place.

hey guest regarding the hid nodes not working… can you try with this older vvvversion: vvvv45beta28.1 and tell us if that works?

and also please check if 32 or 64 bit makes a difference with the latest version, and report.

hey joreg,
i have to wait 6 weeks (delivery time for the new steering wheel), but then i will try and check and post.