Steamcontroller + vvvv

Hey, so i got my steam controller and i want to make it work in vvvv.
But the big problem is that controller is tied to steamworks API, but i found that some people alredy made standalone drivers on linux that uses phyton.

any ideas how to make this work? I dont even have an idea where to start, nothing really compares to have a dedicated node in vvvv with all the outputs + gyro and maybe few haptic feedback inputs

This C# library looks reasonable

Gonna try it thanks!

This is a little C library for Linux based operating systems

Might be a problem

isn’t that part of

it is steamworks, but i dont think its part of openvr, because there is more focus on the controllers that htc is using, this is product of different team i bet (internal one at valve) etc.

but in terms of controlling visuals i think its superior to any other gamepad, lots of possibilities with it

hm there is alredy some win32 file, maybe he is working on it

also a lot of users tend to forget vvvv has a native HID node. with some fiddling around you can extract data from it pretty easy. second if steam controller registered as a joystick/gamepad in windows there’s a node for that in mp.essentials called GameController (DirectInput)

yeah i was thinking about these workarounds but steam sends gyro and you can control haptic stuff which i very much want to

alternatively you can simualte different inputs with all the steam controllers stuff, gyro can act as a mouse, etc. but it is really more of a last resort than optimal solution

so, easiest thing right now is just use steam to run vvvv, because, why not?

you have to add VVVV as a non steam game, steam will hook to you renderer and you can hapily configure your steam controller as if you were playing game

then its good to use X360gamepad node to recieve its emulation from controller, and any additional button functions map as a keystrokes

its wierd but it is awesome

There have been some progress in making steam controller work in standalone apps, notably this:

i was checking it a little bit and it seems it always needs to hook into Renderer before doing anything which could cause some problems in vvvv, so even if I want to only get some basic data about the controller, gyro, and set haptics steam needs to be hooked into rendering pipeline

I was experimenting in running vvvv from steam but it was heavily interferencing with lots of stuff from vvvv, and i am afraid this solution would do the same thing

can anybody give me some helping hand or at least point me into direction of vvvv resources I could learn from to make a steamcontroller plugin with this?

you can check the sources of the VVVV.OpenVR poser node which registers callbacks to the vvvv mainloop, if that’s what you are looking for: