Starting new project - first time with VVVV

First post and new to VVVV.
I am looking for some advice and guidance on a new project which I am not sure if we can manage to fully complete in vvvvv. Not due to its capacities for sure, but instead because of our inexperience with it and the learning curve vs the time we have to deliver.

We have to setup an entire circular room projected with some 3d rendered landscapes timelapses. All the circular perimetral walls and the ceiling, continously creating an inmersive environment.

Reading across the documentation I loosely understand that vvvv is capable of handling and syncronizing all the projectors sources and manage the blendings among them.

Originally, our idea was to setup some server-client syncronization and each node was to feed 3 projectors via Vioso’s Anyblend or a similar software.

Some days ago, as we got aware of VVVV, we headed towards developing the entire platform based on it.
We still think that the original scheme prevails: server syncing via boygrouping, and then splitting the sources via multiscreen and some triplehead2go. Please correct me if this asumptions are not allright or if you have come up with a better solution.

We have seen tutorials on mapping with vvvv but are not fully foreseeing how to get the warping on the rounded perimeter to blend.
I have attached some basic diagram of the setup as we imagine it.

We are producing the spherical animation and piping it into Nuke, for reprojecting it and render the cameras as the final projectors setup demands. The sources will be video files.

We ask for your advice on both: the feasibility of the solution as exposed, and some general proposed aproach to get it done.
We are looking forward to dive into vvvv and learn it for our projects, but feel somehow insecure on our first steps.
Thanks in advance

hey welcome.

Its a pretty sophisticated setup. if this is your first time and you want to deliver it on a specific date you should hire one of the more experienced users from this communit who can do the job.

its totally possible but its a professional level.

learning starts somewhere else i would say.


Definitely agree with Tekor.

It would be worth having a look here for a local vvvv shop:


There is also a vvvv group on LinkedIn.

Hey, thanks everyone for your answers.
I won´t deny that we feel somehow discouraged by the feedback.
We were willing to add vvvv to our pipeline and thought this would be a challenging job to try it inhouse.

I understand though, that it is no simple setup, but we are an experienced group trying to learn a new tool. Our programmer is pretty excited about it, but he is working on some other project for a couple more of weeks.

Glad to confirm that the job could actually be done in vvvv.
We have four months yet to our deadline; do you think the learning curve is so steep?
As I see it now, for this gig we are just focussing on some aspect of vvvv, and just to get my mind clear, do you think the warping side of the job is the most compromissed one?

The thing is that if we don´t develop the code inhouse, we will probably end using some ready-to-use mapping software, which will be somehow economically similar to hiring somebody to code this particular setup plus the vvvv licenses required. And I prefer to get vvvv and the know-how, even if its harder for us.
That´s why I am pushing for giving it a try.

Will make some more research and probably come back with more specific issues before letting it go.

4 months is well timed, i’d say. if there are media and code experienced developers on the project it sounds doable…

i think what tekcor meant was that you should hire a vvvv developer who helps you to develop the project inhouse. it would just be faster to learn from a user than on your own.

the learning curve might be a bit steep at the beginning, but for a media and 3d experienced developer it should make click pretty soon and then its all fun… :)

the mapping/warping, virtual camera vs. projector setup might be the most challenging, yes. you need a clear understanding how they relate to each other in order to patch the right setup in vvvv.

yes and there are some good resources out there. better do it in vvvv its more sustainable as you said already.

if you are in a team you can also distribute the tasks. it is possible. but having someone who makes some vvvv gymnastics with you and points you in the right direction with patches from his own disk is definitely boosting you over the first trys and errors.

where are you based maybe there is also a workshop going on nearby…