Start Supercollider server in background

So recently I’ve been fiddling around with Supercollider a lot and asked myself, why not try to make vvvv communicate with it, as it is completely OSC based… but before I can call its methods I would need to start the server in the background. Is this possible in VL already? Or do I have to write this in c# like so:

My first guess would be that it might be possible via the executor with the appropriate arguments… I have found some ressources on this, but wanted to find out if this was the right approach before going further:

Would appreciate some tips!

is the “in background” really the first thing you need to solve? what happens if you just run SC via Executer as is or run it as you normally would (ie not launched from vvvv at all)?

No, not the first thing to solve at all, but still just something that I got curious about. Basically I am already controlling a patch from vvvv, so I thought defining SynthDefs and calling them or setting up the server from vvvv would be something to follow along afterwards.