Stallone (string) q

I’m new! My name’s Andreas, and I may just be moving all my openGL stuff from Jitter to vvvv REAL soon.

I am going udp->OSCreceive->stallone(string)->AsValue a whoooole bunch right now (sequencer in Max + Lemur into vvvv), and I was wondering;

suppose I have 16/32/64 floats coming maxMSP, is there an easier way of getting at those floats than this?

It’s kind of silly (and I am still a newb at vvvv so that may be it) to have more than half my patch be OSC parsing, hehe.

thanks for your help, guys.

helo wetter,

our Spreads site really needs a heavy rework. but maybe it still helps to get the idea. depending on what you want to do with your floats you may not need to de-stallone them.

also definitely use AsValue first (on the whole spread) and only then use stallone, oder getslice to retrieve individual values.

hope that helps.