Staff Pick Contributions

very cool we have a curated contributions page. unfortunatelly this is now buried in the download page. it would be nice to place the curated contributions link very prominent (meaning big) at the top of the contributions page.

having it just as a small link in the download page, defeats the purpose. few people will notice it. the download page is overcrowded with information which can be seen in the download numbers of the addonpack vs. vvvv core. placing any information in this layout is pretty pointless. i have to help students to find the things they need on a regular basis.


Good point. The last time I searched the site, it took quite a while.
+1 for prominent place

we’ve been meaning to do this indeed. done. see:

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Too subtle, I had to search for where you had put the information.
Go for higher contrast and size, to get an idea:


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