Stack (multitouch) problem

He there,

i have kind of a problem with the stack (multitouch) plugin.
in my application i have a 3 dimensional moving spread of objects. (the coordinates are mapped to 2d and then connected to the “move transform” pin. if i “click” on an object, i bang the “move” pin -for this object- once. so that the object moves from 3d to 2d - beneath my fingertip. so long… there is no problem.

But now, if i want to drag this object, i have to “click” it again first. that means - it needs a new “session id”. ( i reproduced this manually) but i don´t know where this behavoir comes from…

the goal is to just point and then drag the object immediately. without the need of release and retouch it again… i tried to patch around with set a random session id manually but this works just “somehow” and for just one obejct…

any ideas or available sourcecode would be great…



problem seems that the “move” pin does only update on togedge - so it doesnt update each frame if the pin just set to 1. any chance to get the latest source code? elliot?