Ssd recomendations

Hey guys, anyone is using an SSD disk with Windows xp ??

I’m reading that it’s not the best option, because the OS its not prepared for it, and it can degrade the disk.

the thing is I prefer xp than 7 because of the freeze and spanmode…

Have you googled “using xp with ssd” there are some optimizations you can make to the OS. I think the main advantage of Win7 is the ability to use more RAM.

degrading is true, i had some problems using ssd + xp, even using the optimization methods…

Win 7 + ssd is better and more stable.

we use OCZ vertex’s but on dual boot XP/7 field machines, idea that 7 got triming to clear deleted clusters and reorganize data, but seems it only a legend so far… But we also use them as boot drives, and the problem is with write speed, so on read speed not that bad…

thanks guys! now i’m going to check my ssd-xp configuration carefully ))

you could buy an intel SSD, it comes with a tool that maintains the disk.

Forgot to post this,

here’s a guide for OCZ vertex