Ssao question

hey folks,
just toying around with the ssao3-shader (also ssao2x) and wondering, why I don’t get the same results when using a) the “box”-node or b) a self-made box-mesh?

the box node looks quite good, but my box-mesh (exported from cinema4d, triangulated) is really dark on the surface, see the picture.

I tried lots of different ssao-settings, but can’t get an result as good as with the native box-node…

any ideas? would be grateful! :)

xxx, jungle

oh, the image…

oh oui oui oui oui!
just found out that collada-files work fine, .x files doesnt.
don’t know whether the .x-exporter from cinema4d is buggy or where the problem is… think i’m gonna test this next days…

is there a problem with the normals? perhaps you can check it with Normals (EX9)

i’d try to compare your working collada-files with the x-files.

I agree.
Looks like incorrect or nonsmoothed normals.