SS23 – VVVV – 02 – Transformations and Spaces not available


I just enrolled in the Transformations and Spaces Workshop from 5th og May and can´t find the recording. A colleague told me that the workshop didn´t happen. Will it happen in the future? There is no information available on the workshop´s page. Or is it possible to transfer the WS fee to another workshop?

I´d need some specific infomation for the transition from vvvv to gamma of an old Kinect project for my Master Thesis, is someone able to give me some hints (paid) if there is no T&S workshop happening in the near future?

Thank you very much!

Hey @panta_rhei
The workshop did not take place due to a lack of sign ups!

At this moment, there’s no ETA for an alternative date. Similar to the other few registered participants, you will be refunded by the NODE Institute in the coming days.

hey @panta_rhei1 ,

workshop host here.
we will make the workshop content available in a different form - stay tuned.

regarding your transformation problem: feel free to ask here in the forum. most likely somebody will be able to help you!

Looking forward to the upcoming materials then.

The transformation problem is more a transition problem (it´s about finding my way through all the minor workflow changes from vvvv to gamma) and I don´t want to bother the forum with all these small different steps, but there´ll be a lot of answers available already anyways for sure. It´s even weirder because I was teaching the Beginner´s Workshop and the 3D Basics and Interaction one at NODE17 and feel like a noob now again :D

Thank you for the fast replies!