SpreadSheets Reogrid

Hi Guys, I was trying to make the Reogrid work, but i get red nodes in the help patch.

I alt+right click to reset the nodes or start the empty node in a clean patch but i get this when i try to write something in a cell or create an item.


i have also updated it via vpm just in case also.

testing with vvvv_50beta37_x64

same in your side ? any clues what it could be ?


what’s inside the details?
last time I’ve met this was at Notuiv, caused by a wrong [assembly].config file. The details might reveal which assembly it has problems with

Hi ; here is the inside log of details. log.zip (3.9 KB)

ok I realized I haven’t fixed that problem for mp.essentials, please update it to newer version via vpm (overwrite everything), in the end you should have mp.essentials 3.1.4, md.stdl 0.3.5 and mp.pddn 1.3.0. You can check that with About (mp.essentials) node.

Great ¡¡ , no more red nodes now. i,ll start to play with it. thank you David. ;D

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