Spreads vs. Single Slices

so here is for a first video tutorial. if there is anything that needs clarification please discuss below.



thanks joreg

WOW, Thanks joreg

OK, actually took the time to watch it, great introduction, thanks ! Seems like we’re gonna need to grasp a lot of concepts but it makes things clearer !

Hope to see more of those :)

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thank you so much @joreg for the video tutorial

That Keep-thing should be depicted in a different way … I think it should somehow “parent” the region’s output bar, as it influences it altogether. The way it is now, it just looks like a sibling next to the other outputs and should not just have a different icon, which makes it less verbose.
It should be connected to the top of the bar and maybe somehow frame it/enable it (enable-pin of the bar so to speak), and not inside the bar itself.

@readme the Index, Break and Keep pins in loops are indeed not yet were we’d like to have them. instead of having them attached to a bar, our plan is to have them freely floating in loops as they can be useful at any spot and we want to reduce the need for required links to bars that can be potentially quite in the way (think bigger loops) of other nodes/links.