Spreads gamma vs beta

how can i save the state (or the contents) of a specific spread in gamma?

in beta one could set the values of a spread with some input function and the values would remain even after disconnection the input.
in gamma i experience something different:
i create a generic IO box, connect it to my function and the appropriate spread is created - with the values of the function at that time…i can disconnect the function and and the values are still there - representing a kind of preset.
but now, if i connect the function injecting different values and disconnect the function - the values jump back to what they where at their creation…
which throws the question stated in the beginning…sorry for not beeing able to put this more concisely.

I think you are relating to this?

indeed !
looking forward to safe more time while spending more time with vvvv.
sounds like a marketing pitch for rewe :-)