Spreading-Strategy for non-spreadable Nodes?

A mixed approach implementing herbst’s contribution/json-aselement and sebl’s tweaked JSON Parser solves this issue:

Using sebl’s JSON Parser/JSON Array along with Add (String Spectral) connected to JSON Array’s count pin, I get all data the way I sought them. Except for the singleton elements (in my case, id and realname), these I can only extract elegantly with herbst’s contribution/json-aselement, GetElements (XML ByXPath) and Element (XML Split).

IF Select Token (JSON) would become spreadable too (sebl: wink, nudge), it’d save two nodes on the same job:

Comparing performance:

Thanks to all folks posting and contributing here!

Concerning the performance issues of the XML Nodes: check the latest alpha.
Elias did something about it, XML nodes don’t evaluate anymore until their input changes.

Good to know, thanks readme! I need to clean my project folder tomorrow and move on with the thesis, ie. feeding FDGraph with the current assets and see how it turns out, as my preliminary tests interpreted dummy data. When the patch and thesis structure is there, it surely needs performance optimization.
Nosey question: Do you have an idea when this alpha becomes beta?