Spreading Problem

hi everybody,

i encountered a specific problem and don’t know how to solve it.
its about spreading a spread and the problem with certain combinations… - i explained it better in the attachement :)

maybe someone can look into my attached file and explain me, why my patch is acting like this?

hope someone can help me…
greetings from graz

circle_spread_1_forum.v4p (15.8 kB)

i didn’t dig that deep inside.
i can’t tell you why your version doesn’t work.

but this version works.

more about the usage of IOBox (Node) 's BinSize pin at

circle_spread_2_forum.v4p (13.5 kB)

kalle was faster than me…

i also didn’t dig deep and can’t tell what was wrong
another approach with Select (Value) with the little advantage that you could have each point as a value still.

circle_spread_3_forum.v4p (13.3 kB)

wow, i’m really stunned

thanks to you two for such fast answers. without reading the tutorial from kalle, woei’s select version seems more logical to me.
but i’ll read the tutorials…

thanks again
great community

I would use the awesome Cartesian Node for this ;)

I tried to make your patch stick, can’t explain it though, you seem to want to use the stalone node as a resample, wich it isn’t. When I replaced Stalone with Resample, it looks better.

Also changed the sequence a bit for the Datahandling, first I resample the Linearspread (mode:point), and THAN I stick it in an vector.

circle_spread_4_forum-6.v4p (20.0 kB)
Cartesian.v4p (12.2 kB)