Spreading ProbabilityEmitter

In case someone wonder how to do that, using a ForEach loop to spread a ProbabilityEmitter doesn’t work that way :

but it does this way using GetFromSpread node to build a buffer from a spread :


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idk if this helps, but when patching sdfs in a foreach, you have to use the “gpuin” node, before inputting values into the sdf nodes. (like in earliest alphas) in general the nodes are more intelligent now and do this themselves, but I believe regions are not fully supported yet,

@schlonzo this sounds like a regression - you sure this is needed again? Do you have an example?

No, I am not sure. This was just the case with 2021.7 previews and fuse 0.15

Ok, just checked the HowTo Create a custom combination operation patch and removing those GpuIn inside the loop leads to the same results. So please upload a patch showing the issue you’re describing.