Spreading mesh models


Just want to know if it is possible to spread simple or complex mesh models.


can you help me?

you should explain a bit better what you mean by ‘spread’ a mesh…

yes I put a picture to explain…
I was advised the pointsprites shader (thx zaki)

spread mesh.jpg (70.2 kB)

hi, i don’t know if i understood correctly your needs, but for my experience, there is’nt a way to put multiple mesh in the same wire (for example a sphere and a box connected in the same shader). Viewing you shot it’seems you need only the coordinates of all the vertex from a mesh, and use it to transform another mesh (or the same), like in this example attached

the pointsprites shader does the same thing (use the coordinates of the vertexes of a mesh) but for putting a bidimensional texture (or a spread of textures), and not a geometry.

hope it helps ;)

mesh_spreaded.v4p (7.4 kB)

hi screamer, thx you for your help
in fact, im juste would like use the coordinates of vertex and edges from a single mesh model.
I want to influence the trajectory of particles by changing the coordinated in spreads.
Sorry for my bad english ^^