Spreading dynamic grid

i made this bending grid and want to spread it. pretty easy using the top transform but i want to spread the bending value and thickness as well. if i do so it destroys my grid as the transform node is too low in the chain i guess compared to bend and thickness

got stuck, probably stupid approach and slightly messy.

maybe someone wants to proceed or can point me into the right direction to achieve something similar.

marihuana2.v4p (32.5 kB)

I’ve had this problem quite a bit, is there a solution ?
Its 1 thing quartz composer does, if you spread an object and then put it in a sub patch and spread again, it spreads the spreaded object. Thing Quartz doesnt do, is allow easy manipluation of individual objects in a spread, swings and roundabouts I suppose!

huh. difficult to put my thoughts on this in words. i try:

you are trying to spread 2 different things here.

  • thickness, bend: those are parameters inside the mesh. they are both part of the mesh-creation process and operate on individual vertices.
  • position: transformation is happening only after the mesh is already built and operating on the whole mesh.

i can think of two ways to avoid your problems:

  • do all the spreading manually during mesh-creation process: if you want to spread your grid twice then you’ll have to create all the vertices twice. note that you’ll also need to double your spread of vertexindices. in fact you’ll result in having a mesh that already has the spreaded geometry in it.


  • do the bending and change of thickness in a vertexshader.

ok…newschool it should be…thanx for mentioning this. finally i’m gonna try to get my brain working with script madness…grrr

It´s possible to do it with the good old grid(dx9) and the arbitrary point node but no pixelshader effect.
Instead of the dynamic mesh , it´s possible to send to the arbitrary point node a spreadcount bigger than the grid if the transformation of the grid is spread before the arbytrari point node, there is a tricky spread resampling to do.
But that should be possible to do with a vertex shader and that´s will be much more powerfull.
I don´t know if it´s clear …