Spreading B-Spline

Hi guys!
I’d like to prepare a simple patch to draw contour of different objects (for mapping purpose), first task is how to put together simple line and B-Spline.

My idea is to make a spreadable B-Spline (I don’t know how many curve I got in the next shape). In the help for B-Spline (Value) there is:
“if you generate more curves by specifying “Controls per Curve”, “Inputs per Curve” leaving at -1 means that all inputs are sampled at all curves.”
I did some experiments but I simply cannot figure out how it works…

Any idea?

HowToBSpline.v4p (9.9 kB)
just a random shape, some line and some b-spline (14.7 kB)

Hey Nico, try this splinesgpu