Spreading a texture smoothly

I’d like to split a texture into multiple quads and have them spread themselves smoothly across the screen. I’ve been looking at the b-spline node, but not sure that is the right direction.

spread_transition.zip (58.2 kB)

what exactly do you mean by ‘spread smoothly’? can you post a sketch, maybe?
otherwise, perhaps the attached patch can help you out already.

multiquadsingletex.v4p (11.3 kB)

Should never post last thing at night!

The attached patch shows exactly what I want to do, if you can think of a better way, please tell me… otherwise problem solved.

Cheers =)

spread_transition2.v4p (55.6 kB)

The ‘easy’ way is just to make 2 sets of X,Y and scales, and just inputmorph those values with a toggle/filter combo.

The attached patch show this, if you delete the xtra renderers and transfroms, it will all be a bit clerer ;)

Also add 3 filters, so you can see the difference, hope this is more easy for you.

Smooth.v4p (31.1 kB)

you are feeding both Inlets of InputMorph (Value) with different SpreadCounts.

no matter at all in this small patch
but keep my rants in mind if you wonder about bad performance.

feeding inputmorphs with 20 Inlets with different larger Spreadcounts may decrease your performance. resampling before makes things lots better.

Ahh, okay, didn’t know about the performance thing here, I didn’t use a resample because the inputmorph did it for me.

But from now on: inputmorph & equal spreadcount FTW!! :)

as you stated in the patch:
inputmorph does resample its inputs to the max spreadcount.

but it seems to be more performant to resample before.
you only should keep this in mind if using lots of inlets and large spreadcounts.

perf.v4p (16.1 kB)