Spreading a spread of primitives (2)

Hi all,

I have made a custom shape in a subpatch… now I want to spread that custom shape rather than spreading the primitives it is built out of.

(Image of patch: http://www.jahya.net/dls/gridtest2.jpg)

tonfilm helped me find the Bin Size pin, so now I can send a spread of transforms… but can I also send a spread of colors / numbers?

Many thanks,

The two patches (2.9 kB)

select is your friend

main patch.zip (3.2 kB)

or you put the Select in the subpatch, to make it a closed unit:

AnimGrid.v4p (11.8 kB)

thankyou both… just what I need.

i would also recommend to look at all the nodes and their help patches listed here: FUN