I wrote the attached patch for a project I am working on. It’s a spreadbuffer (like the texture buffer) which allows you to load one spread in to a fixed place in a bigger spread.

It’s kind of kludgy to work around the limitations on buffers feeding back in to themselves.

This seems like a common/useful function. Any suggestions to improve it or is there a built-in feature of VVVV I am missing that does the same job?

Inputs are:
Input: Spread to be inserted
Ordinal value: Position to insert (in steps the size of the input)
Initial size: Size of the buffer (reset after changing)
Insert: Bang this to do the insert
Reset: Bang this to zero the buffer

SpreadBuffer.v4p (13.1 kB)

hi alphabetter… i looked on your patch but havent understand exactly what its purpose. i think i did something similar some time ago but im not sure if its the same idea of what you like to do.

maybe this helps you. download it and have a look at the helppatch:

Thanks for that. My module is very similar in terms of it’s function and it is really interesting to see yours.

It would never have occured to me that you could use S/H with a spread as the trigger input. I am still trying to get my head around the many uses of spreads in VVVV.

Electro beat me to it (again) ;)

I made something simulair for you, without those frame delays.
S+H is very powerfull indeed… I also add a ‘fixed place’ functionality, so you can insert your spreads at anothor place than only the first slice (a.k.a. slice zero)

Alpha, I know I always make a mess off my patches too, but when you are ready patching, move some nodes arround so it is a bit less stressing for the eyes, and easier to understand what is going on when you look at the patch the next day.

Happy patching!! :)

SpreadBufferWest.v4p (12.8 kB)