Spreadable text?


I am making a voting system where I will need to create objects dynamicaly as more voting subjects are created. Each object will consist of a quad and some text.

When I use either text(GDI) or even typospread, it seem as they are not spreadable, is there a workaround for making spreadable text?



Found Woeis updated Text (EX9 Metrics). works great, exept that I need to use the special danish characters thus needing utf8, I have tried to modify the patches, both the writer and the text module, but I can not get it to write the special characters æ ø å.

any clues on how to do that, otherwise the (Text EX9 Metrics) is the answer to my previous problems.



I think my question has turned into: “how do I convert text from UTF8 to ansi?”

If Text (EX9 Metrics) recieves ANSI characters it works fine. I have tried fiddling around with the module, but Can’t seem to find out how to get it to accept UTF8.

in any case an easy way to convert the characters that exist in both encodings would be nice.

sunep, i have updated woeis metrics patch, its faster now with a lot of text, plus its better spreadable (individual characters).

stay tuned for woeis metrics plugin… he has something in the making…

not sure about utf 8. i tried once but didnt succed becuase there where some nodes that didnt supported utf8. maybe i should try it again…


just had a quick try converting utf8 to ansi using
Tidy (xml) . looks like an awful hack though, there must be a nicer way to do it

utf8_2_ansi.v4p (9.7 kB)

I kind off lost track with you 2 (Ele and Woei), what is currently the best/fastest Text patch?

eles 2.1 version is the most recent one. and also faster i guess.
the only thing you have to fix for yourself is to reset a stored spread inside the textmodule. on the left side where it says: "

Thanks Woei

The utf8_2_ansi module works like a charm :)


That’s fantastic! Another Dane thanking you here, Woei - much obliged.