Spreadable Segments doesnt work?!

Hi vvvv-community,

i cant find any solution for my problem:

i’d like to create many segments by using the segment-mesh.
every segment has a own circle.

i want to have a mesh, cause i need the phongDirectional Effect.
with a segment(DX) (layer-out) theres no way to use this effect(?).

so i used the Segment(Mesh) (found it somewhere on (this?) website):


but it isnt spreadable:


is there any solution to create segment-meshes with diffrent circles by using spread-values?

thank you so much!

segment file (5.0 kB)

alo qual,

check the Segment (EX9.Geometry 2d) plugin by vux coming with the addonpack. it should do exactly as you please.

found this on my harddrive, might help too. everything shaderbased.

will up it into the contribs as fxh some time i guess

Segment PhongDirectional.zip (3.2 kB)

Thank You!

i tried to use the Segment, but it doesnt rendered - dont know why…

that’s it! one week researching, testing and multidimensional head-troubles (…) & you got this nice patch!

Thank You guys!

@qualtext: sry, uploaded it 2 years ago somewhere on the old site. not got the time yet to update everything on the new one

also make sure ‘Draw Slicewise’ is enabled in the Inspektor for segment if you’re using the DX9 node

Your Patch works fine, but theres a problem:


in the Segment PhongDirectional.fx file is the

technique TFallbackGouraudDirectionalFF

is it right that there the lines have this values?

        ShadeMode = GOURAUD;
        VertexShader = NULL;
        PixelShader  = NULL;

or where is the problem?
any solutions?

thank you

Segment PhongDirectional.fx (5.4 kB)

why would you want to use the fixed function pipeline when woei has written such a nice shader? just delete the FF technique if it bugs you, it is just there that you see something if your card does not support the shader model…


youre right - yesterday night i came to the conclution how this fx operates. but look on the light effekt (direction of light ist allways the same).

i combined this segment-mesh with a box – so you see the change over on the faces.

but it isnt not so important, now i’m using no bright specular-color, so the effect isnt visible.

have a look to the color gradient:
the segment scales and rotates the spec-light :(

ey and sorry cause my english-skills

thank you