Spreadable Rope (DX11)


Does anybody have a spreadable version of Rope(DX11)?
I did the Rope (2d), that was fairly quick, but the rendering with indices and stuff bugs me at the moment.

Here’s the Rope (2d), it’s not optimized, but working.
Bug: you have to specify the binsize for both inputs correctly, otherwise it behaves weirdly sometimes.

copy to dynamicplugin (4.0 kB)

hi, is a spreadable rope to be replaced under dx11 with something different ?
tried to put upper code into a template but not working. maybe wrong template ?

latest alphas have a spreadable Line (EX9 2d) you could have a look at. it should be possible to convert it to DX11…

Hey, sorry for grave digging this post, but there are any developments for a spreadable dx11 Rope?
I tried the code posted by @dominikKoller but all I got is a red node, any other solutions?

there’s Line (DX11 Mitter) in mp.dx http://vvvvpm.github.io/#mp.dx

@microdee Hey, thank you it’s perfect!

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