Spreadable artnet sender

Tired of the inconvenience of the not spreadable “native” DMX (Network Artnet Sender) node i made this pretty simple “old fashioned module” DMX (Network Artnet Sender Spreadable).
It is not tested in detail yet, but it worked for me … maybe it is useful for others too.
Please feel free to test/use it and report any problems.

… similar thing as a plugin or native implementation might have have better performance … anybody ?


DMX (Network Artnet Sender Spreadable).v4p (41.6 kB)

Sounds useful, without me figuring out the Artnet protocol, like you did, can you post a simple helpfile for sending out data to more than 1 universe?

I would say, there really is no need for a helppatch. The module should work exactly like the native node … the only difference is, that you can input a spread for universe and subnet and of course a spread bigger than 512 for input.

So, I need to send 512 values for every Uni, okay, got it, not able to test this, needed this a while ago for LEDstrips. But ehht thnx :)