Spread Update

hi vvvvolks,

at first i want to thank you for this amazing tool. i realy enjoy using vvvv. and here is my problem:

i’ve got a spread of 100 values which are always 0 or 1.
for the little patch i’m working on, i need to check the value if it is 0 or 1, and then by pressing a key, i change the value to the opposite. (if the value is 1 i change it to 0 and reverse). i use the edit node to realize all this.
my problem is, that i need to update the input spread - but i cant’ use the outpud as my new input.

the spead of 100 values is for a grid where i can enable and disable single fields. its a part of a sequencer i’m working on.

i’ve attached a picture to help understanding my problem.

got it. FrameDelay is the key. thanks max :)
thanks for your help. regards f2f

spread_problem.jpg (100.1 kB)