Spread order undo bug

This is kind of obscure, but…

  1. open vvvv
  2. create IO Box (value advanced)and select it
  3. open inspektor
  4. change rows to 5
  5. change slicecount mode to ColsRowsPages
  6. input numbers into spread 1 though 5
  7. right click on last slice (5) to modify value up or down
  8. Hit ctrl+z to undo.

Expected result? The value in the last slice returns to 5
Actual Result? The spread shifts up by one slice.

This is probably pretty obscure, but it did annoy me for a few seconds. I’m not sure if it could be linked to any other bugs, so I thought I might as well report it.

using v33beta14

Yep same here…weird :)

same here.

yes same here, i noticed that a lot of time…

yep, undo and ioboxes brings me into trouble regularely.

yes, known problem ever since… there should be a warning somewhere, one can loose hours of work, if not aware of it.

fixed (!)… no text …

cant’t believe it, what good news!