Spread of transforms into ApplyTransform

I’ve got a spread of points which go together to make up a curve. I’ve also got a spread of transforms which transform the curve into various other curves. I want to use the points from these various transformed curves to create a mesh. Right now I’m just rendering the curves by feeding the points and the transforms into Line - works great. I went looking for how I could retrieve those points rather than having them created internally in the Line node. Aha! The perfect solution - ApplyTransform will apply a transform to a spread of points. Obviously this will work the same way a spread of transforms into Line does - it will apply each transform to the curve and I should get out a number of points equal to the count of transforms times the count of points…

Except, it doesn’t. In very non-VVVV fashion, it seems to use only the first transform and throw the other 11 away. I get out exactly the same number of points I put in. I can’t make up a new ApplyTransform for each curve because that number will (eventually) be variable. Surely this must be fairly common operation and everybody will know the answer to this except me so I apologize in advance for a potentially dumb question.


applyxfm question.v4p (13.4 kB)

each slice of the transform applies to one vector of the apply transform. so if you want to transform the curve multiple times, you have to feed the applytransform with each transform times the count of the points of the line, either with IOBox (Node) and the point count (in your case 20) on the Bin Size or with Select (Transform Bin)

Doh! I’m a goofball. I didn’t even carefully check all the points - just saw that 12 were produced and assumed they just used the first transform. Actually, this is the way it “should” work according to normal VVVV standards and I was actually a little surprised to see the Line node handling things differently. Thanks for pointing it out to me!