Spread of textures option from renderer pls

they’ve been a few times I’ve needed the renderer node to give a spread of textures out via the DX9 Texture node in order to make a spreadable version of a patch.

Can we have an toggle pin option on the renderer node so that it can deal with a spread of view/proj/viewport’s one of two ways? either the existing traditional way, or so it gives a spread of textures out when connected to the DX9 Texture node. this can’t be that hard can it for you wonderful devvs?

can’t rendertargets do the magic … theres an example in the girlpower folder

Render targets are designed to output several textures from the same view/projection (widely used in deferred rendering, like position/normals/color). So it’s already possible in some extent to render a spread of textures.

Idea behind the toggle is to be able to render the same scene from different view/projection combinations into one texture per view/projection (instead of a combined texture per viewport). Rendering into a spread would make further processing much easier.